Do You Have Vision Board?

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Isn’t a vision board a bit of woo woo?

Not really. When you understand that the human brain speaks the language of visual metaphor – pictures – this starts to make perfect sense. A vision board is a visualization tool which refers to a board of any sort used to build a collage of words and pictures that represent your dreams, goals and desires.


While you can take a class, attend an event, buy the materials as a kit from a professional supplier, you can also make it yourself from cork, poster or mat board. Hell, we’ve covered candles, used photo albums and even decorated a box to hold the selected photos and narratives. It’s about curating a collection of things that are important to you in a manner that makes sense to you.


Whatever you focus on becomes your reality (believe it or not!)

Most of us know what we don’t want; but do you really know what you do want? More importantly, do you have a plan for what you want? A goal? A vision? A vision board?


Whether you want a new car, better job, more money, happier relationships or some other thing that feels elusive to you, a vision board will help put you in the place to see that your dreams. And seeing your dreams is the first step to them coming to fruition.


It also works in conjunction with your creative consciousness to help move you to experiences, events, people and things in your life that you have determined you want to experience. The conscious mind is the goal setter and the unconscious, subconscious or creative consciousness is the goal getter.


How do you use your vision board for goal setting?

Your goals should be top of mind in order for you to work on them consciously and at a creative consciousness level. By creating a visual representation of your goals and intentionally placing them as a narrative in one specific location, you can easily access, visualize and connect with those goals. More importantly, if you can frequently access them even better – you’re building neural pathways for learning. Your brain does not discern between real and perceived experiences, which is why some of your nocturnal dreams are so emotionally loaded.

Did you know – Creating a mental picture of what you want to achieve is as powerful as going through the actual experience. 

A study at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation asked volunteers to imagine flexing their biceps as hard as possible. After a few weeks of simply visualizing weight training, the subjects showed a 13.5 percent increase in strength. Another study out of the University of Chicago asked participants to visualize shooting free throws for a month. They improved their shooting by 23 percent.


Remember to look at your goals daily and imagine them as if they have already come true. Yes, it’s a bit like daydreaming and it’s one of the best ways to activate the Law of Attraction. Visualization activates the creative powers of your brain and trains you to notice available resources that were always there but may have escaped your awareness. Visualization also attracts the people, resources, and opportunities you need to achieve your goal.


So get to work on a vision board. Give your goals an outlet and see what happens.

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  1. Scott on January 29, 2014 at 12:44 pm

    A great article on Vision Boards. They are wonderful tools and help to place you deepest dreams and goals right in view so you subconscious mind will imprint the images of what you want. It is also a conscious reminder that you have something you are working for. I use them to help motivate me. When I see the images that I have on my vision board I feel a charge of energy and that helps to fuel my drive.
    John Assaraf has the great story of his vision boards. When he was doing some unpacking his some brought him one of his old vision boards. When he saw it he began to cry. His son wondered what was wrong and John said nothing was wrong but all was so right. He saw a photo of the exact home they were living in on the board. He had cut out a picture of his current home way before he looked for it or owned it. It was now his. That same home. What a powerful example of how well a vision board can be as a tool for the law of attraction. Program your mind to send out that energy to the universe!