What to Expect from a Psychic Reading

You should expect nothing from a psychic reading

It’s true. The more expectations you place on the reading the more likely you are to be disappointed. So, expect nothing, just remember to keep an open mind, an open heart and a healthy sense of skepticism.


Now, allow me tell you what you can plan on with a reading from me. Again, no expectations. Just a plan.


First off, all mediums are psychics – but not all psychics are mediums. And not every psychicpsychic-mediumangel channel or medium is going to work with a client in exactly the same way. We’re like snowflakes – each uniquely different. We all have distinctive styles, skills and comfort levels.  For example: many psychic-mediums are apt to differentiate their psychic reading from a medium style reading or even an angel reading. And then they’ll request that you identify the type of reading you want at the time of your booking. I won’t.


I’m only going to need to know if you want a Private reading or a Group reading. I simply prefer to let Spirit dictate how the reading goes. It’s all about being in the flow of LOVE, communication and eternal connection.


How I start a psychic reading

First and foremost, we will not start until you are comfortable. While I have scheduled very specific time for us to work together, I always allow time for you to relax and get comfortable. It just makes sense. You are my guest at that time. I am your host. I want to make sure you are taken care of and that you get exactly what you need from the experience.


The second step is getting grounded, connected and protected. I’ll set an intention for your experience to be of the highest good for you, the universe and everyone everywhere. And I’ll ask that we are guided, guarded and protected at all times and that only information from that intention come forward. Then it’s time for us to rock-n-roll.


Next, I’ll spend time with your eternal spirit – your soul, the Akashic records, I’ll review your soul agreements and contracts (the Karma and Dharma of your incarnation) to determine where you are on your path. I’ll communicate with your departed loved ones, your guides and angels to get the best direction to you, to best determine the specific areas of your life where you may need psychic guidance.


Once I’ve made the connections and gathered the information I need, I’ll commence with your reading. And then, within the time allotted – we’ll look at where you are, where you’ve been and where you’re going if you remain on your current path.


Your future is written in sand, not stone. You have free will and frankly if we’re looking at it, then it means you can still impact the projected outcome.


What I’ll cover in a reading

I’m going to provide you psychic guidance specific to many if not all of the following circumstances: your personal life, romance, other relationships, health, career and wealth. When I’m done, you’ll have a chance to ask questions – typically, I will have already answered them during your reading.


And what I won’t do in a psychic reading

I’m good at what I do. Very good actually. But I will not guarantee who comes through for you. I can only guarantee you will get messages. Spirit leads the conversation, the direction and the flow of communication. That said, I’ll likely be able to communicate the reason a particular loved one is not available.


Helen’s not here honey, should I take a message for her?

A heavenly message request from the departed mother of a departed loved one


I won’t tell you what you “want to hear”. It’s not my style and since I do a fair bit of work with Arch Angel Michael (he’s got quite the warrior energy) he often doesn’t mince words. You may get some tough love from Spirit through me. I’m here to tell you that hearing “Knock that shit off” really is a gift. It may be the very gift that saves you time, energy, effort or even your life. You’re going to get exactly what you “need to hear”.


I won’t read third party – don’t ask me to tell you what your ex is doing. This is a very common request and I want to be very clear on this. IF there is information you need to know – I will have already delivered it, pertinent to your circumstances.


Your ex mother-in-law wants you to know that the children’s father (yes, your ex) needs to take care of his diabetes. He’s been making choices that impact his health and his new wife has no idea that he’s being irresponsible.

This client had a healthy co-parenting relationship with the ex and his new wife


Where my information comes from

I’ve often said, “I couldn’t have pulled that out of my ass if I tried!”


Seriously. I will never cease to be amazed at the amount and type of information I am able to access and share in the time I spend with a client doing their psychic reading. I am very clear that it’s because I don’t edit the info and because I’ve honed my skills to access various realms and levels of energy that the flow of information is often a fire-hose vs. a slow trickle. While some psychics and psychic-mediums use only one or even a few of their senses to communicate with the other side. I use all of my clairs

  • Clairvoyance – clear seeing
  • Clairaudience – clear hearing
  • Clairsentience – clear feeling
  • Clairalience – clear smelling
  • Claircognizance – clear knowing
  • Clairgustance – clear tasting


How I make sure you get what you need from a psychic reading

The reason I work to keep my skills sharp is that spirits have various “go to” methods of communicating based on their natural abilities. And it’s my responsibility to access and translate those messages for you in what ever way I can.


If your grandmother wants to validate her presence with a pastry she made you as a child – I need to identify and communicate that taste for you. I may smell and taste the pastry. I may feel the dough in my hands and see her in her apron. Because she can’t speak the words to me, I need to connect with all of this. 


And if your Aunt Helen can only make me feel your first attempt at water skiing, I need to be able to capture that moment in time to validate the experience for you. I could possibly feel a wet swimsuit on and smell the lake, hear a boat engine and someone call out – “hit it”, then recall my own first attempt at skiing. All this because Helen is unable to visibly show me the “picture”. 


Finally, your dad can only tell me that you were his “Second favorite” daughter…


OK, this psychic reading is actually one of mine. My dad came through and shared that with a medium I worked with after he passed. It was his joke with us. He always said my sister was his favorite when I asked. Then he would say the same to her about me when she asked. But the thing is, the medium wasn’t going to share that info – she didn’t want to hurt my feelings. If she had missed that, changed his words to “spare my feelings” or neglected to share it due to her discomfort – I would never have had the validation I needed. She shared his exact words and his twisted sense of humor. There was no doubt in my mind I was connecting with him.


Let me tell you why you want a psychic reading

Ultimately you’re here for a message. Validation or proof of the continuity of Spirit. Healing. Perhaps you want to locate a lost heirloom. Or you need guidance in an area of your life you may be stuck in at the moment. Whatever the reason, getting a psychic reading or any reading for that matter can be a beautiful and life altering experience.