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Paranormal Investigating with Kitty Janusz – It’s Ghost Hunting, Not Ghost Busting

Paranormal investigating, it’s ghost hunting not ghost busting. Join Lessons in Joyful Living Radio with Kimberly Rinaldi as she speaks with Paranormal Investigator Kitty Janusz.


Kitty shares some of the science behind the process. She also shares her experiences with “Celebrity Ghost Hunters,”. She’s investigated with and learned from the best in the industry, including Mark and Debby Constantino, Chris Flemming, Zak Bagans and Chip Coffee to name a few. Kitty also explains what compels her to do this work. Then she shares a couple of EVP’s too. Ghost hunting at its best.


Kitty Janusz grew up in and continues to live in the historic town of Whittier, California. Her childhood home was extremely active with paranormal activity. She would witness objects moving on their own, footsteps, and coming home to have ALL the water in the house running. Although she was sensitive to the activity, it didn’t upset her. The only time she was unnerved was when a spirit sat on the edge of her bed, making the corner of the bed sink down with its weight!

As an adult, Kitty set out, armed with her trusty digital recorder, on the RMS Queen Mary to investigate the Isolation Ward. She asked “What year is it?” and when played back, the response was a whispered “1943.” From that moment on, she was hooked!

Kitty’s goal as a paranormal investigator is to gather evidence and make contact with the other side. She always says a prayer for the dead in case there are those needing help. Kitty’s gifts for communicating with Spirit extend to mediumship. She communicates with loved ones on the other side as they watch over us and continue to guide us in our daily lives.

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Then what happened…

It’s the show that launches Into The Light Paranormal as a radio show and as a partnership between Kitty and I. We do paranormal investigating as destination events. Check out Perhaps join us on our next adventure…


Kitty is also a graduate of my intern program, where she learned how I do what I do, and then how to make it her own.

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Your turn…  Have you had any paranormal experiences? Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever had a departed loved on connect from the other side?