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Join Lessons in Joyful Living Radio with me, Kimberly Rinaldi on LiJL Radio Network. It’s where I share the healing path I took to Live-Joy-Fully. You’ll learn the who, what, when, where, why and how of my life as a Psychic, Medium, Reiki Master, NLP/Hypnotherapy/EFT Trainer, Speaker, Author, and Radio Show Host. This is my Lessons in Joyful Living talk radio show and podcast.


My Lessons in Joyful Living – How I Overcame the Trauma and Drama of My Past


Join Kimberly Rinaldi as she launches her premier episode of Lessons in Joyful Living. You’ll hear Kimberly openly share her struggles, insights and ultimately the triumphs that compel her to share her lessons (and those of her guests) with the world.


In her private practice Kimberly utilizes her training in NLP, Hypnotherapy, EFT and other healing modalities paired with her intuitive abilities to help clients achieve breakthrough. It’s that place where you understand whatever held you back no longer exists, that place where you can Live-Joy-Fully! And Kimberly knows it’s possible for you.


Kimberly’s own personal struggles included growing up with exposure to domestic violence, substance abuse, sexual abuse and mental illness. Her own lack of self-worth led her to make choices that could have taken her down those same roads. She was angry, hurt and believed she had no value – until she chose differently. Join her as she shares those choices with you along with the tools and strategies that set her free from the trauma and drama of her past.


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The Miracle and Wonder of self-healing


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So, tell me… What have you worked to overcome?  Did you ever imagine it would get better? Do you still have “moments” when you relate to the old experiences?