Intentional Energy or What WERE You Thinking?!

Intentional energy and the energy of intentions are one and the same

Life is not about the hand you’re dealt, it’s about how you play those cards. It’s about your perceptions, your biases, your thoughts, beliefs and ultimately your behaviors. It all comes down to energy and intentions.


So, I made it through Halloween this year without too much drama; although, I was forced coerced in to watching two zombie movies. Currently not my idea of a good time. There actually was a time many years ago when I really enjoyed a good scare. When I actively sought it out for the adrenaline rush. I can even recall skipping mass one fine Palm Sunday,  during my teens to catch the re-release of “Texas Chain Saw Massacre” (BTW, don’t tell my mother).


I now look upon this type of entertainment with very different eyes and energy. Because that’s what it’s all about. Actually that’s what everything is all about. Energy and intentions.


Keep your negativities to yourself

There came a time in my life when I decided I wanted to be clear of all negative energy (or as much as I could control anyhow). When I started creating healthy boundaries, I found myself letting go of relationships, friends, a job and yes, even some family members. But you know what? I am peaceful, more fulfilled and surrounded by greater joy, abundance and inspiration than I could have ever imagined.


I began to look at the BIG picture

Sometime during this catharsis, I realized the energy involved in making horror flicks. I mean, someone (a twisted soul) had to come up with the concept. Then a story was written, a script developed. It was produced and filmed, marketed and distributed and thousands of people have already expanded this energy, fed this reality. When the movie gets released we’re into  millions of people taking this reality and feeding more energy into it. Do you see where I am going with this? We all feed energy and intention into everything we experience. Good. Bad. And Indifferent. 


Eventually, I even gave away my treasured collection of Stephen King hardcovers (some first editions) — 46 of them to be exact. I loved his writing and his character development. I’d read and reread those books as if connecting with old friends. He’s still a great storyteller in my opinion. I just have a need for lighter, more pleasant, uplifting stories in my life.


You might not want to borrow sorrow while you’re at it

You should also probably know I do my very best to avoid the news too. Does that mean I am uninformed? Not by a long shot, I read the newspaper and catch CNN when I can. But for me to spend an hour or more of my day being subjected to the doom and gloom our network news puts out – – well, thank you, but no. I can choose the stories I read in the paper and CNN is a rare indulgence for me.


My point is that I choose the energy I surround myself with. I choose it very carefully. I recommend you do the same.



Think about what is keeping you from Living-Joy-Fully, and do your best to release it. Let it go. Trust me — you’ll feel much better for it.

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  1. Rev judith LABONTE on November 19, 2013 at 5:03 pm

    That’s true – i really don’t like 99.99% of that genre of entertainment myself and before i knew why, when i was younger and more ignorant. just knew in my gut it was wrong. (and that was over 5 decades ago!) As they say, energy flows where attention goes! or as my visionary/psychic co-conspirator and all around pal, Ellen, who is in her 80’s said the other day “if (one) doesn’t participate, it (bad vibes) will dissipate” i.e. speaking of Cosmic Vibes / Energy. i wish she could see – she’d have loved your post on Self-Realization Fellowship’s shrine out there on the OTHER coast. They’re a big part of her spiritual background/training! j/L Rev. judith LABONTE also known as “Granny” Matrika / Rolling Buffalo Woman P S when/if i grow up, i want to be like my spiritual “mom”, Ellen!