How to Identify a Good Psychic – And Ultimately Get a Good Psychic Reading

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Steps to finding a good psychic and getting a good psychic reading

When consulting a professional Psychic or Medium it is important to know what you are looking to get out of the reading in the first place. Understand not every professional is “a professional.” A good psychic may not be a good person. And even the best psychics out there are not machines with the ability to connect to everyone they encounter. Everyone has an off day, do not necessarily judge a psychic’s work based on a single reading or encounter.


Know whether you want a psychic reading, angel communication, tarot or mediumship. Each is very different and offers different information. Mediums connect with Spirit and may communicate with departed loved ones as well as Angels and Spirit Guides. A psychic connects with the client’s energy, higher self and eternal spirit.


Personally, I don’t require my clients to identify the type of reading they want. I’m a bit more organic in that I allow spirit to lead the reading. But, not everyone works the same way. And while we’re on the subject, not everyone is credible, honest or even good for that matter.


What you want to watch out for to guarantee a good psychic reading

There are many gifted, ethical, fair and honest Mediums and Psychics out there.  And the peace or clarity they can provide can be a Godsend.  Just know who you are dealing with and what you need to be concerned about. Go into any reading with an open mind, open heart and your eyes wide open too.


Beware of any claim to be 100% accurate or other unreasonable promises

Some psychics and psychic mediums are very accurate. But even the best out there are not going to be 100% – ever. We have bad days, misinterpret messages, may not immediately connect with the client and sometimes get crickets, etc. The reading you get will depend on where you are emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically and where the reader is that day.


Beware of offers to remove curses, clean auras, etc…

These “offers” are especially obvious if the fees attached are high. The problem I see over and over again, is the Death by 1000 Cuts behavior. The “psychic” reader starts by appealing to your fears, anxieties or desperation. The fees start small. Ten dollars for incense – light it when you meditate. Forty dollars for a crystal – you need this to balance your aura. $120 for a prayer vigil – you have bad energy or a curse. $750 for a past life healing – they’ll call you when it’s done. Dead serious, someone tried this one on me years ago, fully knowing I do this work and Past Life Regression too. I asked to be present for the session and she insisted she had to do it alone. BIG RED FLAG.


And so it goes. Throwing good money after bad. All in the hopes that this time it will work. I’ve seen people spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in the hopes of: changing their business direction (next time invest 20% of that money in a good marketing plan), recapturing a lost love (let’s try coaching to heal the trauma of loss), connecting with a departed loved one (this is most especially heinous when it is a lost child), etc.


How do I know these stories – because I got the client next. I got the broken hearted, financially devastated individual left to pick up the pieces. Not as a psychic reading client, as a coaching client. Just an FYI – I have an ethical standard that I will not read for a client who has been taken advantage of in this arena until they’ve developed healthy boundaries and can fully own their values. A good psychic has healthy boundaries too.


Beware of a promise to contact a specific spirit

Spirit determines when they will communicate, they are not “on call”. They do not sit around waiting to be “on”. And even if they do show up, you can’t compel them to communicate. I had a client who I read for every 6 months over the course of a decade. Her dearly departed husband showed up each and every time. He let everyone else speak. He was just happy to be in the space with her and for her to be aware of it. Out of all the readings, he only communicated 2 or 3 times.


Beware of per question or per spirit charges

You are dealing with a “professional service” provider, you are paying for their time. The fees should be clearly communicated before the session even begins. And a legitimate and good psychic does not “up charge” you for their work. If I go over my time, it’s still part of your session. I’m not going to cut off the communication and attempt to hold you “emotionally hostage” to get to the rest of the information by up charging you. It’s worth it to me to get you what you need within the parameters of your session. But, I’ve seen others stop mid-sentence and ask for another 30 minute minimum payment to complete the communication. Not cool. And not part of a good psychic reading.


Beware of psychics who begin by fishing for information from you first

Some connect with your name, date of birth or birth name.  Others connect with you energetically without any information.  Use your judgment about what information you will give prior to the reading.


I’m not suggesting you play Stump the Psychic or provide no feedback. To get a good psychic reading, validate what makes sense and communicate what doesn’t. A good psychic will not change their direction to match your feedback.

Me: You’ll find your antique diamond earring in the car on the floor mat.

Client: No. I’ve already checked the car – twice.

Me: I see the gray floor mat. Driver side. It’s on the welting against the carpet, but on the floor mat. Sort of on the side – vertically.

Client: Not there. I even vacuumed the car. I’ve looked everywhere.

Me: I understand what you’re saying, that’s where I see you finding it.


Two weeks later…

Client: You won’t believe where I found my earring!

Me: In the car…

Client: I was getting in the car and my purse fell on the floor. I saw something flash as everything fell out. I looked and there it was – right where you said it would be.

Me: (No shit…)

Also Me: I’m so happy you found it!

Client: If you saw it there, why didn’t you just tell me it was in my handbag???

Me: Oh, if it were only that easy. I get what I get. Glad you found it.


Understand that predictions are not necessarily written in stone

With the intentions I set for a good reading, if we’re getting information it’s because you can still effect the outcome. Your future is written in sand. So is your past – but we’ll save that for another time. There are an infinite number of potential outcomes when we are dealing with the future. Anyone who tells you otherwise is not telling you the truth.


Now, does it make sense to try to effect an outcome that involves other people and their free will? NO. That’s spell casting – attempting to exert your will and desires over another to their detriment. And it is to their detriment even if you are giving them eternal life, unlimited wealth and making all of their dreams come true. It becomes detrimental to them the moment you’ve taken their free will choice from them and exerted your own. Period. End of discussion.


Not all advice is meant to be followed

Loved ones come through for many reasons, take any guidance they give you with a grain of salt. You are in control of your life and free will. If Uncle Ted was married and divorced 6 times do you really want to take relationship advice from him? The common denominator in six failed marriages was Uncle Ted!


I will also remind you that even guides, ascended masters and angels have an agenda. Sometimes that agenda is to get you to your next step in spiritual growth – as quickly as possible. And that’s good. But with growth comes growing pains. And that’s not so good. This is where your free will comes in. You can choose to move on the advice or delay the move. You can’t avoid the growth if it’s part of your soul contract and journey – your Karma.


This is your time too

The time you spend with the Medium or Psychic is your time. If you are ever told you cannot record the sitting be wary! If you are made to feel uncomfortable in any way – communicate that immediately. A good psychic will work to make sure you are comfortable and that you get what you need from the session. Anything less is unacceptable.


1-800 take my money…

Beware of psychic hotlines. While they may have legitimate and good psychic readers, their goal is to keep you on the line racking up charges for as long as they can. Their next goal is to get you to call back. They want you to be dependent on them. It’s where they make their money. Repeat callers.


Other not so good psychics will tell you you need to see them again a prescribed amount of time (every 2 weeks or 12 times a year). I tell my clients that most readings are about where you are right now and that unless something major changes, plan on at least 6 months before booking again.


Final thoughts

I’m no trying to scare you off getting a reading – hell, I’d love to read for you myself, we’d get to spend some quality time together 😀  I just want to make sure you are getting what you need in a healthy fashion. It’s the behavioral coach in me. I want you to have everything you need to make an informed decision. It’s my 20 years in health care (informed consent is a big thing). I want to make sure you are not taken advantage of because you’re in pain, desperate for a change or healing from a loss. As a healer and psychic, those are the ethics and values that I hold dear.



Now get out there and find a good psychic and get reading for yourself! You’ll be glad you did. Book a reading with me