How to Get a Good Psychic Reading

The best way to get a good psychic reading is

  1. Have no expectations
  2. Keep an open mind
  3. Pay attention – even if it doesn’t make sense to you

Seriously, that’s really about all it takes.


Have no expectations

I can’t promise you that your favorite cousin will come through or that I can stop your chatty grandmother from trying to monopolize the time we have (rememberĀ our personalities continue even after we pass).


I can guarantee you will get messages that you need to hear. Not necessarily what you want to hear. And until it happens, I never know who will come through or what their messages will be. You may hear from friends, relatives – both departed loved ones and those you may never have met in this realm – like great, great grandparents. You may get departed pets with messages of love – I once had a turtle come through during a reading. Once we’ve invited spirit to join us, the door is open and we’re going to have company. It’s usually because there is a message that needs to be conveyed, but sometimes – spirit just wants you to know they are there. My dad comes through that way a lot – no real message. Just checking in.


Keep an open mind

I get that you don’t want to hear from your Uncle Bob, you wanted to speak with your dad. Sometimes Uncle Bob is there because he has a better connection to where you are in your life at the moment. He might have some insight you need. Just keep an open mind. He may also come with a message from your dad that only he could deliver.


I will always do the “reading” before I let you ask questions. First and foremost, because I want to make sure you are not unconsciously feeding me information and to ensure that I’m not “cold reading” you (body language, demographic info, etc.) I will ask if things make sense to you and ask you to validate info as I get it. I will always allow time at the end of the session to answer any questions you may still have.


Pay attention – even if it doesn’t make sense

I know you want to get a good psychic reading, so I’ll remind you at the start of your reading too. Often, when info doesn’t make sense it’s because it might not be for you. Just trust you’ll be guided to share the info with someone who the message is actually for. It happens all the time.


One of my favorite examples was a reading I did well over 15 years ago. The client did not get the reference to the Playboy bunny logo (the bunny head in profile). I kept seeing it over most of the other information that came through. This logo just kept popping up. Everywhere. Several days after the reading the client called to tell me she was complaining to her daughter (let’s call her Yvonne) that this information was irrelevant to her and that it seemed to take a lot of her reading time. My client felt “cheated” – her words not mine. Her daughter, Yvonne burst into tears – Yvonne’s father (client’s ex husband) had come through in a way that only Yvonne would recognize. Evidently, he had a penchant for all things Playboy; including their logo apparel, home decor, auto and boat accessories. My client wasn’t aware of this as she’d had no contact with him in his final years. Yvonne was very aware of it – it made her uncomfortable as a teen visiting her dad on weekends. The messages were for Yvonne via my client, through me, from her dad.


All kinds of evidence and information will come out in a session, whether significant orĀ  not – at the moment. Life really is all about the little things and a good psychic reading can help you pull those little things together.