How Intuitive are You? Take the Quiz and Find Out

Intuition is a real thing – especially for smart people

Do you believe in intuition? Do you think you’re intuitive? Would you admit it to a group of strangers?

Many thought leaders ascribe their success to having followed their own intuition. Oprah, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and even Einstien are famously quoted as having relied on intuition, even attributing it to much of their success. We also have Presidents Washington, Lincoln, Garfield, Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Harding, Coolidge, Hoover, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ronald Reagan and Clinton all record as having consulted intuitives for direction within their lives, work and careers.

New research shows how going with our gut instincts can help guide you to faster, more accurate decisions. While most people agree that there is such a phenomenon as intuition; little compelling evidence exists to support this belief. Until now…

Research is beginning to support the concept that unconscious emotions and perceptions can bias concurrent non-emotional behavior. This is intuition. Which is scientifically explained as being less about suddenly “knowing” the right answer, or predicting the future and simply more about understanding what information is unimportant and can be discarded. At an instictive and intuitive level.

Consider, when you get a “gut feeling” that gnaws at you. You can’t reason it away and you can’t ignore it. It’s your intuition telling you that no matter how much you might want to talk yourself into a particular direction, it’s the wrong way to go. Smart people listen to those feelings. And the smartest and most successful, the ones who make the greatest breakthroughs, do this consistently. They do it based on a gut feeling. Instinct. Intuition.

So, how’d you do… I bet you’re more intuitive than you thought

And I bet with a little work you could get even better!


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