Meditations to Transform Your Life

Life Path

Ever feel like things just aren't quite right for you? Do you have to work hard for everything you get in life? Are you struggling to find balance? Love? The right career path? When you are fighting your soul's purpose, agreements and design - it's an uphill battle. All. The. Time.


Use this guided meditation - Life Path - to connect with your soul's plan. The one you're not consciously aware of. The one that once you've stepped into it, will propel you to the life you designed. One of peace, prosperity and pleasure. That's what you came here for. Get connected with your path and plan today!


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Meditations Designed with Your Time in Mind
Most under 20 minutes in length

For Best Results:

You may listen as often as you like, however the following schedule is recommended:

Week 1 = 4x Daily
Week 2 = 3x Daily
Week 3 = 2x Daily
Week 4 = 1x Daily

1-2 times a week thereafter until 4 weeks after the desired results have been obtained, the more you use meditations to change your life, the quicker subsequent results from further sessions will occur. It's very much like muscle building - the more you use it the stronger you get at it.




With any hypnosis, meditation, tool or technique that may take your attention from other tasks, let common sense prevail.

DO NOT LISTEN TO THESE RECORDINGS WHILE DRIVING, OPERATING MACHINERY OR IN ANY ENVIRONMENT THAT REQUIRES YOUR FULL ATTENTION. The purchase and use of any of these items is your agreement to comply with the terms of use. 

All healing is self-healing - meditation will perfectly compliment ongoing medical care. Use these meditations to enhance the energy of your own healing powers.

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