Ghost Hunting – 3 Must Haves

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The ghost hunting bug can be costly

After my first paranormal investigating experience, I came to realize the most important tool we can utilize is our own instinct and intellect – call it intuition if you will. Each of us is equipped with a fabulous tool set. We have the ability to discern energy shifts from within our internal representational systems (interpretation of our 5 sensory experiences). What we see, hear, smell, taste and feel (tactile) – gives us information we take in and process in nanoseconds. The data is always accurate, even if our interpretation isn’t. And that’s where trusting our instinct – our intuition or ability to discern change at an energetic level – comes in. And yet with this most fabulous piece of equipment (you) we often seek the newest-shiny-beepy-buzzy-light-playing electronic gadget, some of us coveting and others dropping a car payment on a handheld single tasker. STOP. Just don’t. It’s not necessary.


My 3 item ghost hunting tool kit

First you need a flashlight. This may sound obvious but I cannot stress enough how important safety is when, ghost hunting or investigating. Whether you’re out at night or mid-day in dimly lit areas, a small flashlight is imperative.


Second, an audio recorder or digital camera or simply a smart phone which does both. You’re going to want to capture your experiences – evidence, if you will. You know you’re going to want to share with people. Finally, you’re going to want to remember this. My first experience I had an old digital recorder that I use for recording classes and my iPhone for the camera. I caught evidence on both.


Third and most important is you. Pay close attention to all five of your physical senses. What do you see, hear, smell, feel, and taste? Take note of any changes. See if others in the group validate what you’re experiencing. Whether they do or they don’t, don’t discount your experience. Check in on those sixth sense feelings, whether it’s instinct, gut, intuition or whatever you want to call it. Be aware of it. Acknowledge it. Trust it.


Get to ghost hunting

Pulling these three tools together, you can begin your investigative process. If you find you want to make the investment and purchase additional tools, then go for it. But don’t forget to start off with the basics.


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