Rocks, Stones and Crystals: Enhydro Agate

It’s all about the vibration – enhydro agate

While spending an afternoon in Cambria, California, over my birthday week, we wandered into a little rock, gem and crystal store. I have teased Mr. Rinaldi for years about his affinity for rock and dirt stores – his being construction related. And yet I have my own affinity for rocks, stones, gems and crystals – mine being for metaphysical qualities – and just being pretty.


I’m on one side of the store admiring some beautiful pieces of amber when Mr. Rinaldi approaches, pulls my hand out and plops into the center of my hand a small piece of petrified wood. With all the excitement and enthusiasm of child he exclaims, “What do you feel holding that? Do you feel the vibration?! You have to buy this for me!”


This was a conversation I never thought I would have with him. But with that as an opening, I decided we’d wander the store a bit longer and explore other vibrational connections. We looked at crystal skulls, crystal balls, Merkabas, and several other pieces. The ones we kept going back to – and ultimately both had to buy two of – were enhydro agates.


He was fascinated by the prospect of ancient waters trapped within the stones. I was enamored of their beauty and the wobbly feeling when I shook them to hear and feel the water.


About enhydro agate

Enhydro crystals and agates have water trapped within them. Formed millions of years ago, they hold these ancient waters. Some you can see those are typically crystals. Others you can feel or hear, like our agates.

Enhydro agate

Enhydro agate. This little gem sits in my office.


These are typically very rare specimens as they don’t travel well. Extremes in temperatures can cause the stones to fracture, reabsorb the water or even explode. Rough handling can also cause them to fracture or crack open. I was ready, I was a grown up. I was going to take one home. This was my first foray into owning one – I’m not exactly known for my grace and delicate nature. Translation – I break shit all the time. This meant I had to learn more about these delicate “creatures” since I would be the one caring for (working hard to not break) them.


Special Features

  • Agates attract strength and will protect you from bad dreams, stress and energy loss.
  • Ancients used them to ward off storms.
  • Healing properties associated with agate include stomach upsets, acceptance of difficult emotions and assistance in making important decisions.
  • Enhydros’ qualities make it a stone of empathy. They help you recognize and understand the feelings of others; it’s a great stone for those who work in any coaching or counseling capacity.
  • Helps us to know we are more than what we believe.
  • Aids in accepting responsibility.
  • An excellent crystal/stone for manifestation work.
  • Healing properties associated with Enhydro include treating conditions of degraded tissue and organs and bring in the body to the condition you are desirous of.