Energy Hierarchy – WHO Are You Working With?

I work with different kinds of energies all the time, both in my metaphysical work as well as my coaching. Over the years I’ve come to understand that energy and intention are the key to just about everything in this universe.

I’ve come up with a hierarchy of energies that I have encountered and some that I choose to access when working metaphysically. Funny thing is that I’m also exposed to these things when I’m working with clients in behavioral settings as well.

From highest vibrational and intentional energy to lowest,┬áhere are the energies that I’ve experienced and chosen to work with over the years. Check in for more posts as I share definitions, experiences, and anecdotes about these various energy sources.


Creator | God | Universe
Animal Spirit
Ascended Master


Understand that I’m not a demonologist. It is my choice to avoid working with these energies as well as elementals in most cases.


I much prefer working with Angels, Animal Spirits and Ascended Masters. Unfortunately there are times when I am called to do work with these lower vibrational energies noted above. Understand it is something I do not take lightly, nor do I recommend to others unless you are appropriately trained, protected and supported.