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Learn Reiki, Chakra Healing, Aura Clearing, Toning & Cord Cutting - Convenient Online Training

Each of us has the DNA coding for perfect health...

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Did you know...

Most cultures have some history of energy healing going back thousands of years.

Energy healing is based on scientific principles.

You don't have to be spiritual or even believe to benefit from energy healing.

Energy healing is available to everyone.

Energy healing is the original holistic health care strategy.

You can and should manage your own health and wellness with energy healing.

Hello there! I invite you to join me in my next round of Energy Healer Certification, where I'll guide you through a timeless insights, strategies, tools and practices designed to powerfully connect you with your ability to self-heal and promote self-healing in others.

When you begin to understand what energy healing really is, your whole world will change. You are made up of cells, which are made of atoms, which are made of particles, and those particles are really just vibrating energy. Youe are more empty space than physical stuff; more vibration than mass.

The human body is matter and energy. That energy is both electrical (impulses and signals) and chemical (reactions). Then we have 37 trillion cells to work with...

Each and every cell in our body has the DNA coding for perfect health - it's time we took control of our own health and wellness. ~Kimberly Rinaldi

You already have all the answers. You have the ability to self heal. And you have the ability to help others attain self healing and balance. You just need to learn how.

That’s why I’ve created my Energy Healer Certification program. I want you to feel what empowered holistic health care really feels like. I want you to live happy, healthy and whole.

If you have any questions about the course, drop me an email at and I’ll be in touch ASAP.

Looking forward to seeing you.

You'll Master


  • Reiki I and Reiki II - learn the history, philosophy and methodology involved in the practice of Reiki. Then learn the secrets to making the practice yours.
  • Chakra Healing - learn to balance chakras, understand why balance is important and identify ways to effect change in the chakra energy systems.
  •  Aura Healing - get a true and accurate picture of the mind, body & spirit state. Reading and healing auras will allow you to help others heal rapidly.
  • Cord Cutting - this allows you to release everything that no longer serves you; people, places, thoughts, ideas and experiences.
  • Toning - learning this and our other sound healing therapies will help you balance the energy systems within yourself, your loved ones and your clients.

And You'll...


  • Learn about protection and safety - for yourself, your spaces and those you work with.
  • Practice and play - make the art of energy  healing an adventure you "work" and play in
  • Practice non-attachment and letting go - understanding your place in the healing process.
  • Find your "tools of the trade"-  identify and embrace tools that enhance your energy work.
  • Be able to effect change in your life - using energy healing as a tool to change and heal circumstances.
  • Understand energy and energy work -  you'll get what is meant by "it's all energy and intention".
  • Get better at being present in everything you do - you'll enjoy a sense of peace and purpose like you've never felt before.


Allowing You to...


  • Listen to your inner voice.
  • Take time for solitude & enjoy more time nurturing your spirit.
  • Practice mindfulness and observation.
  • Listen to your body, become aware of how negativity impacts you.
  • Connect deeply with others.
  • Improve your health and wellness.
  • Create peaceful circumstances and your surroundings.
  • Be in tune with the dreams, signs and synchronicities that show up for you.
  • Be more creative.
  • Have more healing options and opportunities.
  • Help yourself and others.
  • Live in harmony knowing your place in this Universe.
  • Live your life purpose with no excuses and no regrets.

Course Overview
Master the ability to self-heal and promote self-healing in others as a Certified Energy Healer

WEEK ONE: Welcome and Why

Discover all the ways energy healing can help you live the life of your dreams. Imagine having the ability to change relationships, finances and your health and wellness. Because that's what energy healing can do!

WEEK TWO: Energy & Intention

It's all energy and intention. This week's course is about the foundation for all intuitive development and energy work. When you combine the two factions you have a powerful place to come from in all your life choices.

WEEK THREE: Reiki I and Reiki II

Learn the basics and advanced techniques for your Reiki practice. You'll get it all. History, philosophy, standard methods and you'll learn how to innovate your own path within Reiki healing.

WEEK FOUR: Chakras and Auras

Learn how these subtle energy bodies can be read, cleared and balanced. Then understand why yours are your best bet for quick intuitive feedback about the world around you.

WEEK FIVE: Toning and Cord Cutting

We'll uncover several sound healing therapies while you learn to use them to clear emotional trauma and energetic blocks. You'll also learn how to release anything that no longer serves you.

WEEK SIX: Tools of the trade

Crystals, essential oils and pendulums - Oh my! Learn what these and other enhancements have in common, how they differ and why you want to use them.

WEEK SEVEN: Practical Application

Take care of you first and the rest will fall into place. Adopt self-care practices and balance in your world to ensure energy will never overwhelm you again. Learn what corrective actions to take when you feel you're under attack or need assistance.

WEEK EIGHT: Ethics, Guidelines and AMA

Develop clear ethics and healthy boundaries around your energy work. I'll share my best practices for developing a business if that's what you'd like to do. Then we'll end with an Ask Me Anything session.

How it works

Imagine you have a mentor who is specifically trained to help guide you to your energy healing path - for you, your loved ones and the ones who are yet waiting for you to show up as a healer. We'll connect in real time on our weekly Live Webinar. We'll also have Live dynamic group discussions and 1:1 time to focus on your personal growth and development needs.

Unable to make the LIVE webinar or call? We got you covered. We'll send the links.

Meanwhile, you'll have access to "Office Hours" and an online community where you'll find additional support and inspiration during your intuitive development journey.

90-minute Live Webinar
Video recording access released

30-minute Live interactive Q&A and spotlight coaching call
Audio recording access released

Every other Sunday (schedule may vary)
30-minute "Office Hours" Live interactive chat on FB Group

Every other Friday (schedule may vary)
60-minute 1:1 Coaching call with me

We've Closed the Doors on This Round

Choose Your Path

Energy Healer Certification offers three course delivery options
to meet and support your individual learning needs.


Work at your own pace

Self-study route, your access to the 90-minute live lessons will be sent as soon as they're released.

Perfect if you’re on a budget or you want to work your way through the course at your own pace.

Group Support

Be part of a community

Benefit from peer wisdom and greater accountability. You get the 90-minute Live Webinar access and digital delivery of recorded webinar, materials and gratitude journal. Live access to weekly 30-minute interactive group calls and digital delivery of the recorded call.

"Office Hours" every other week on FB throughout your program, along with ongoing team-led and peer support in our private online community.

Ideal if you want guidance and input from me, but don’t need to be individually coached through the program.

Personally Guided

Get mentorship and coaching

You've got me as your success and accountability partner! I'll help you get things moving and personally guide you through your program. 90-minute Live Webinar access and recorded webinar, materials and physical gratitude journal. Weekly 30-minute interactive group calls and recorded call.

Twice monthly "Office Hours" on FB, ongoing team-led and peer support in our private online group.

Included in your package are four one-hour deep dive calls with me; detailed personal feedback along with personalized action items and development tasks; my private phone number. And of course, the swag bag!

Perfect if you're able to be coached and want to make massive change in record time!

And Don't Forget the Extras
You Get BONUSES When You Pay in Full


Pay in full at least 7 days before the launch date and get a 30-minute clarity session (Skype or phone) with me! I'll help you fine-tune your learnings from the program so that you can better better express your energy healing abilities with the world around you. You'll also receive a swag bag filled with inspirational art, meditations and more. Bonus worth over $325.


Pay in full at least 7 days before the launch date and get a 60-minute clarity session (Skype or phone) with me!I'll help you fine-tune your learnings from the program so that you can better better express your energy healing abilities with the world around you. You'll also receive a swag bag filled with inspirational art, meditations and more. Bonus worth over $575.

Pay in Three Months

We've Closed the Doors on This Round

Pay Over 12 Months

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I've taken the deep well of experience, expertise and insight that I’ve gained from relationships, healing and my vast toolkit of resources -- mindset shifts, therapeutic processes, success strategies, self healing, road-testing ideas, interviewing thousands of experts, writing books and articles, teaching courses, working with clients and more -- and put it into Energy Healer Certification so that you can do the work, with the support and guidance you need to step up to the calling of energy healer - you have people waiting for you!

All healing is "Energy Healing"

The human body is matter and energy. That energy is both electrical (impulses and signals) and chemical (reactions). Plants, which are powered by photosynthesis, a process that allows them to generate energy from sunlight is a very simplified version of this matter energy thing. At any given moment, roughly 20 watts of energy courses through your body, enough to power a light bulb. And this energy is acquired in many ways. The primary method of acquiring energy for us is through the consumption of food, which gives us chemical energy. That chemical energy transforms into kinetic energy. That kinetic energy powers our muscles when we move. We as humans are simply energy.


We've Closed the Doors on This Round