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With our Psychic Guidance Programs, you'll be mentored to living your life in the flow of eternal consciousness; fully connected to spirit, your intuition and natural healing abilities. We've helped thousands reach their potential.

Meet Your Clairs – Embrace Your Intuitive Nature

Your clairs have already been a part of your life – it’s time you got to know them “Clairs” are your psychic senses. We all have them, we just develop…

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Life, Death & Afterlife – How to Cope with Loss

When a death impacts more than the family I study life, death and the afterlife, and yet I’ve only lost a few close relatives at this stage in my life.…

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Chakra Series: Fourth Chakra

The fourth chakra bridges the space between physical and spiritual in our energetic makeup. CHAKRA LOCATION COLOR IMBALANCE BALANCE Fourth or Heart Center of Chest Green or Pink Resentment, suspicion,…

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