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With our Psychic Guidance Programs, you'll be mentored to living your life in the flow of eternal consciousness; fully connected to spirit, your intuition and natural healing abilities. We've helped thousands reach their potential.

Chakra Series: Seventh Chakra

The crown chakra is one that provides connection to higher realm. It allows you to commune fully with your eternal spirit. CHAKRA LOCATION COLOR IMBALANCE BALANCE Seventh or Crown Approx.…

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Crystals, Stones and Rocks – The Basics

Crystals… I don’t get it – we’ll I didn’t at first For years students and colleagues would approach me with something wrapped delicately in paper, linen or bagged in gossamer,…

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Meet Your Clairs – Embrace Your Intuitive Nature

Your clairs have already been a part of your life – it’s time you got to know them “Clairs” are your psychic senses. We all have them, we just develop…

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