Develop your healing abilities & psychic skills

With our Psychic Guidance Programs, you'll be mentored to living your life in the flow of eternal consciousness; fully connected to spirit, your intuition and natural healing abilities. We've helped thousands reach their potential.

All About Intentions – Be Intentional

It’s all about energy and intentions, don’t believe me… Last year on day 7 of a 28-day Reiki intentions exercise, I realized that sometimes the universe really does ask, “How much do…

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Podcast Intuitive Development

Lessons in Joyful Living – Podcast Intuitive Development Listen in to this podcast intuitive development – ever wonder if you’re psychic too? What about coincidence or synchronicity? Join Lessons in Joyful…

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Paranormal Investigating – LiJL Radio Network

Paranormal Investigating with Kitty Janusz – It’s Ghost Hunting, Not Ghost Busting Paranormal investigating, it’s ghost hunting not ghost busting. Join Lessons in Joyful Living Radio with Kimberly Rinaldi as…

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