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Let's spend time with your eternal spirit – your #soul, the #Akashic records, review your soul agreements and contracts (the Karma and Dharma of your incarnation) to determine where you are on your path.

You should expect nothing from a psychic reading - It’s true. The more expectations you place on the reading the more likely you are to be disappointed. So, expect nothing, keep an open mind, an open heart and a healthy sense of skepticism.

Everyone on this planet experiences #stress. You can’t escape it. What you can do is learn to manage your response to it. And you need to, because if left unresolved - stress kills. Train your brain to Reduce Stress with #meditation - Get started now!

Did you know a 10% #weight reduction can reduce your need for many medications & help heal chronic disease (type II diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic inflammation, #fibromyalgia, arthritis, digestive issues, etc.) Try #weightloss #meditation Intuition4Life photo

Chakra Series: Seventh Chakra

The crown chakra is one that provides connection to higher realm. It allows you to commune fully with your eternal spirit.