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Repeat after me, "My ex is perfect... for someone else." It's true. If you were perfect for each other, you'd be together now. It's time to move on - Get Over Your Ex #meditation will help you make it happen. #breakup #divorce

Explore #Reincarnation, try #PastLifeRegression. There is a tremendous sense of peace that comes from knowing, the conscious expression of ourselves is eternal. Intuition4Life photo

I'll teach you to connect with your abilities as an Intuitive, Psychic and Psychic Medium. I’d love to show you where you can go – improve sales, better relationships, easier parenting and so many other directions! Intuition4Life photo

Build the best relationship ever - starting with your thoughts. You have to change your thoughts, your beliefs and your behaviors to get something different from your relationships. Find Love #meditation will guide you. #soulmate #love #romance Intuition4Life photo

Let's spend time with your eternal spirit – your #soul, the #Akashic records, review your soul agreements and contracts (the Karma and Dharma of your incarnation) to determine where you are on your path.