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11 hours ago
Did you know a 10% #weight reduction can reduce your need for many medications & help heal chronic disease (type II diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic inflammation, #fibromyalgia, arthritis, digestive issues, etc.) Try #weightloss #meditation Intuition4Life photo
1 day ago
I don’t go looking for discarnate spirits. The messages I get as a medium are mostly about love, healing, forgiveness and the understanding that there is no death. With #ghosts, it’s a crap shoot.
1 day ago
You have to know what pleasure is and how to communicate what you want to your partner. Good #sex, #passion and #romance takes a bit of work. It's worth it, and hey the homework's pretty fun too... Try my Better Sex More Passion meditation -
1 day ago
Imagine having everything you want in the world - that, that feeling there, that's what's going to make it happen! #manifesting #LOA
2 days ago
Are you walking in with the #confidence you need to get the job? The #promotion? The raise you want? Get THE Job #meditation will make it happen for you!