Rocks, Stones and Crystals: Citrine

It’s pretty, it’s shiny, it’s yellow – Citrine

Commonly known by the names “Success Stone”, “Abundance Stone”, and “Merchants Stone”, to promote success and abundance specifically in business and commerce.  Citrine is the stone for taking care of business. Also beneficial in matters of education, legal issues, or family strife. And believed to enhance mental clarity, confidence, happiness and willpower. Additionally, Citrine aids in communication. When carried by people who speak in public, it affords them courage and strengthens their communication skills.


Named from the French word for lemon, “citron,” as many Citrines are “lemon-y” in color. They range in hues from pale yellow, to golden brown and even burnt amber.  This coloration variation is due to the presence of iron.citrine, chakra healing, certified energy healer


Citrine and Chakra Healing

A member of the Quartz family, Citrine is used in much the same manner as clear quartz. The benefit of using Citrine is the lovely yellow power and energy of the sun it carries with it to the work.

Its radiant yellow and gold coloring activates, opens and energizes to heal and balance the 3rd, Solar Plexus Chakra as well as the 2nd, Navel Chakra, directing creativity, intellectual decisiveness, and personal power to enhance your physical body, strengthen self esteem and protect your aura. Generally helpful where there are creative blocks in problem solving and development, sleeplessness, nightmares, problems with your stomach or digestion, obesity and other physical problems regarding circulation and digestion; the majority of which are located in the 2nd and 3rd Chakras.

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