Chakra Series: Seventh Chakra

The crown chakra is one that provides connection to higher realm. It allows you to commune fully with your eternal spirit.






Seventh or Crown

Approx. 6 Inches Above the Top of the Head

Column of Light, Opening Lotus, Purple, Lavender, Gold or Silver

Worry, depression, psychosis and insanity

Cranial and cerebral illness; disease of the musculoskeletal system; skin problems; chronic exhaustion; hypersensitivity to light, sound and environment

Opens us to profound awakening: like the lotus blossom when it opens.  It connects us to our innate spiritual nature, as well as to Divine or cosmic consciousness.


Imagine the color white. The element is thought. Imagine all of the thoughts swimming around in your mind. Imagine releasing your thoughts into the world, through the top of your head. Let go of your thoughts. The sound is silence, the space in the pause after the OM.

·       I am balanced between earth and heaven

·       I am empowered by the strength of my body

·       I am at peace with myself

·       I am happy, healthy, whole and complete

·       I Am

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