Chakra Series: Second Chakra

Let’s take this moment to explore the second chakra. For me, this one is all about creativity. This is where I get hit when I have a project that I know is going to make a difference for others.






Second or Sacral

Between Base and Naval


Out of touch with feelings, overly emotional or stoic, poor boundaries with others as well as poor emotional boundaries, overt sexuality, excessive attachment, frustration, tendency to be manipulative,


Gynecological problems, impotence, frigidity, kidney/bladder/urinary problems, stiff lower back, lower back pain


Allows us to feel confident.  We are able to relate to others in an open and friendly manner.  We can feel and freely process our emotions.  We are able to find the balance in our lives.  We are adaptable, feel creative and are tuned into the flow of life’s energy. 


Imagine the color orange. The element is water. Think of running tap water, a bath, or the ocean. Any body of water will do. Imagine water flowing down a stream or waves rolling in and out on the shore. Think of the sound VAM.

·       I am alive and joyfully connected

·       I am in the flow of my life and purpose

·       I am in tune with my emotions and honor them

·       I am able to surrender my fears

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