Radio Show: Holistic Medium Cathleen Miller

Holistic Medium 08-26-2013

Cathleen Miller

Join Lessons in Joyful Living Radio with Kimberly Rinaldi as she speaks with Holistic Medium Cathleen Miller. Cathleen discusses her journey to guiding others in Intuitive Holistic Healing.

Cathleen Miller began seeking an alternative life path at a very young age due to early health issues and gifted intuitive abilities. After a decade of her own personal transformation, she began to work with others as a holistic healing medium to share source knowledge and gifts. Her company, Nature Spirit Holistics, inspires guides and illuminates all who are open and ready to live in conscious, joyful empowerment.

Today Cathleen combines over 14 years of alternative therapy certification training with her innate conduit gifts (ability to see, hear, know subtle vibrational sonic frequencies) to adjust people with color and sound frequencies through quantum field. The results from this technique have been profound. Clients frequently report physical healing, greater personal and emotional well-being and medical diagnostic improvements. Others experience a spiritual peace and greater alignment to their own life purpose.

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“Since everything is literally spinning energy, as you change your spin… you change your life!” – Cathleen Miller