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All About Intentions – Be Intentional

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It’s all about energy and intentions, don’t believe me… Last year on day 7 of a 28-day Reiki intentions exercise, I realized that sometimes the universe really does ask, “How much do you want this?”    Challenge accepted, said the Universe 1. A piece of jewelry I wear nearly every day and has tremendous sentimental value went missing.…

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Intentional Energy or What WERE You Thinking?!

Intentional energy and the energy of intentions are one and the same Life is not about the hand you’re dealt, it’s about how you play those cards. It’s about your perceptions, your biases, your thoughts, beliefs and ultimately your behaviors. It all comes down to energy and intentions.   So, I made it through Halloween…

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Money Energy is All About Vibration

Did you know most people seek a psychic for guidance in areas of love or money… Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck? Or worse yet, living without a paycheck? Do you know how to release the negative energy, thoughts and beliefs you have connected with that bring about these challenges? Are you ready…

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Do You Have Vision Board?

Isn’t a vision board a bit of woo woo? Not really. When you understand that the human brain speaks the language of visual metaphor – pictures – this starts to make perfect sense. A vision board is a visualization tool which refers to a board of any sort used to build a collage of words and…

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Is Manifesting Spell Casting???

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Manifesting, intentions, Law of Attraction and spell casting?! Manifesting and spell casting – isn’t that a stretch, well…   “Thoughts are powerful, words are spells.” ~Kimberly Rinaldi   Frankly, there is nothing mystical or metaphysical about this statement. Your conscious mind is the “Goal Setter” and your creative conscious is the “Goal Getter.”   Manifesting…

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