Death and the Afterlife

Explore Reincarnation – Try Past Life Regression

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Reincarnation, OK Crazy Lady… In 1983, Shirley MacLaine released Out on a Limb, an autobiographical account of her spiritual journey. A book where she openly admitted to her beliefs in reincarnation, meditation, mediumship, trance-channeling, and even unidentified flying objects. Both acclaimed and criticized, it made Shirley MacLaine the butt of many jokes, especially by late-night television comedians. At the time I…

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Ghost Hunting – 3 Must Haves

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The ghost hunting bug can be costly After my first paranormal investigating experience, I came to realize the most important tool we can utilize is our own instinct and intellect – call it intuition if you will. Each of us is equipped with a fabulous tool set. We have the ability to discern energy shifts…

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Into the Light Paranormal

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Into The Light Paranormal – the concept I sometimes work as a medium, that means I work with the other side; departed loved ones, spirit guides, angels and, yes, sometimes ghosts. And the difference between a ghost and spirit is that a ghost has not crossed into the light. Ghosts are sort of stuck on this side.…

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Past Lives and Past Life Regression

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Not sure if you’ve been here before… I can’t tell you whether or not to believe. I can only tell you that the concept is not a new one. In fact, it has been around for millennia. The major religions and cultures who embrace a belief in reincarnation include: Hindus, Buddhists, factions of Shiite Muslims,…

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Life, Death & Afterlife – How to Cope with Loss

Life, Death, Afterlife

When a death impacts more than the family I study life, death and the afterlife, and yet I’ve only lost a few close relatives at this stage in my life. But, recently, I attended a funeral for a family friend. I was sad to see the pain and grief of the family who had lost…

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