Angels, Guides and Ascended Masters

Channeling – How I Talk to Angels

This content uses referral links. Read our Disclaimer, Privacy & TOSĀ for more. What is an Angel Channel? First, let me tell you what we do. Channeling is a SAFE form of communication between humans and angelic beings, nature spirits, departed loved ones, ascended masters, even animal spirit guides and pets. Speaking in tongues is a…

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Do You Believe in Angels?

Angels, psychic guidance, intuitive development

Would you follow the guidance of Angels? I have. I’ve prayed with them. Prayed to them for intervention. And I’ve argued with them. Yeah, that’s me. Given Divine guidance and then gone – “Hold it… not so fast, that’s not gonna happen!” You see, my life takes many unexpected turns. I have plans. I’ve worked…

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Animal Spirit Guides – Get Your Messages

animal spirit, animal spirit guide, totem, intuition, psychic development, lessons in joyful living, kimberly rinaldi

Do I have an animal spirit guide? A question I am frequently asked. Immediately followed by, what is it or can you see my animal spirit guide? The answer is yes, btw. We all have animal spirit guides. Animal spirit guides are available to help you. Also known as Totems in many traditions, animal spirit…

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