Explore Reincarnation – Try Past Life Regression

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Reincarnation, OK Crazy Lady… In 1983, Shirley MacLaine released Out on a Limb, an autobiographical account of her spiritual journey. A book where she openly admitted to her beliefs in reincarnation, meditation, mediumship, trance-channeling, and even unidentified flying objects. Both acclaimed and criticized, it made Shirley MacLaine the butt of many jokes, especially by late-night television comedians. At the time I…

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How to Get a Good Psychic Reading

The best way to get a good psychic reading is Have no expectations Keep an open mind Pay attention – even if it doesn’t make sense to you Seriously, that’s really about all it takes.   Have no expectations I can’t promise you that your favorite cousin will come through or that I can stop…

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What to Expect from a Psychic Reading

You should expect nothing from a psychic reading It’s true. The more expectations you place on the reading the more likely you are to be disappointed. So, expect nothing, just remember to keep an open mind, an open heart and a healthy sense of skepticism.   Now, allow me tell you what you can plan…

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You Are Psychic (It’s True)

you are psychic

Wanna know a secret – you are psychic! You really are Psychic. We all are; even the nonbelievers. Even my atheists. And it’s not really even a “gift”. And there is really no special skill set needed to connect with your abilities. No special birth order. No secret handshake even. It starts with permission. Free…

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