Radio Show: Psychic Mediumship with Bee Herz

Psychic Mediumship 10-21-13

Bee Herz

Join Lessons in Joyful Living Radio with Kimberly Rinaldi as she speaks with Psychic Medium Bee Herz. Bee discusses that insightful advice from Spirit can assist in overcoming your challenges and achieving your desires.

Bee Herz is one of only 11 psychic mediums in the world (along with James Van Praagh) that have been “Tested as Legitimate” by the extremely demanding scrutiny and requirements of Bob Olson, former skeptic and investigator.

In Bee’s psychic practice, she connects to a client’s spiritual guides and higher-self to deliver guidance and direction on issues ranging from careers to relationships. Bee’s medium readings are exceedingly powerful as she provides evidence from the deceased to acknowledge that the soul is actually from the deceased loved one. People from all walks of life appreciate Bee’s counsel and her testimonials consistently endorse the added value her Spirit messages provide in client’s lives.

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