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Astrology and Coaching – what they have in common


Join Lessons in Joyful Living with Kimberly Rinaldi as she speaks to Astrologer and Life Coach Monica Garcia about how knowing your charts can change your direction. You will also get a live demo to help you understand more about what happens when Mercury goes Retrograde. Astrology is more than just your sun sign.


So much more goes into an astrological reading, an outline if you will. An outline for your energy and your experiences in this lifetime. This is where a birth chart comes in so handy. Consider it your owner’s manual.


Did you know that in astrology, your life purpose is encoded in the north node and south node of the moon. The lunar nodes are directly opposite each other in the chart. They aren’t planets, but rather mathematical points on the chart that fall in two opposite zodiac signs.


Did you also know that by understanding your birth chart and working with your natural tendencies, managing your areas of difficulty and understanding what you came in to overcome – your life gets easier. Discover Monica Garcia’s simple solutions to life’s complex issues they may be written in the stars.


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Astrology on a personal note


While I was born on the most common birthday of the year, September 16, I found out I have 5 planets in Virgo. Mercury, Sun, Uranus, Pluto and Venus each residing in my sixth house. Not so common. Actually making me more Virgo than most. Sorry to those of you who have lived with my intensity all these years. But, now that I understand that intensity. And I’m also better able to channel those energies a little differently. I really do recommend you get a birth chart reading at some point to help you better understand you.



Now you… Have you had a birth chart reading? What surprised you about the results? What have you found to be your obstacles to overcome and have you?