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There is absolutely nothing special about me. Except maybe the fact that I've made part of my life work a focus on exploring behavior, mind science, metaphysics, life and the afterlife.  By following my inner psychic guidance, I work in miracle and wonder daily, whether I'm helping a student learn Energy Healing or Intuitive Development - the JOY of seeing each student connect with their own power and internal psychic guidance is amazing.

Everything I do - you're capable of too. Whether you believe me or not.

As a child I was naturally able to connect with Spirit – Angels, Departed Loved Ones, Ascended Masters and even Beloved Pets. Like many other Psychic-Mediums, I was born into challenging circumstances that required I learn how to tap into my intuitive nature and access psychic guidance from the heavenly realm in order to survive the chaos and destruction around me. I grew up experiencing substance abuse, domestic violence, sexual abuse and a host of other circumstances designed to dim my light.  And for a time they did.

You see, I had my own battles with alcohol and drugs, poor self-esteem and self-destructive behaviors. It wasn't until I connected with my true Divine Nature that I was able to own my power as an intuitive. And in doing so I have been able to help others make that same connection through Readings, Channeling, Séance, Missing Persons, Space Clearing, Energy Healing and a host of other tools.

But unlike other intuitives, I've also been trained in behavioral therapies: Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Gestalt Based Timeline Work, and Success Coaching to name a few of my favorites.

So, where other psychics may be comfortable with, "Yes, your boyfriend is cheating – thanks for coming." My conversation is more along the lines of, "Infidelity is part of this relationship – let's take a moment and explore the soul agreement or soul contract that must be fulfilled for you to heal and move past this." And as a master trainer in the aforementioned behavioral therapies, I don't just provide information – I provide empowerment, answers and healing strategies.


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I'm irreverent, have a twisted sense of humor, use language, and have a deep desire to help you Live-Joy-Fully simply because that is your birthright.  Frankly - I'm not for everyone - but for those who get me, those who I get - it's a magical experience.

Perhaps you want to learn to connect with a loved on the other side or  seek guidance from Higher Realm.  Let me show you how to tap into their loving guidance. It's available to ease your path - it's yours for the asking.

Let me help you develop the tools you need to get the direction you want in matters of Love, Money and Purpose.  When you are moving from the place of your eternal truth - acting from your Divine calling and Soul Contracts, life just gets easier.

Train with me and have access to the answers you seek in real time.

How??? Well, I'm a Success Coach, trained in behavioral change - I'm not going to sell you a "$1500 money candle" to fix your finances - I'm going to help you identify the patterns of behavior that are keeping you stuck - then I'll give you actionable tools and proven strategies to change your thoughts, beliefs, behaviors and ultimately - YOUR LIFE.

It's that level of commitment and empowerment I work from in my readings, coaching and training. I want you to shine your light. You deserve to sparkle dammit! And I'll help you do it.

Because, "I'm not just another pretty face who talks to dead people."

Trained Psychics, Intuitives & Mediums
Certified Energy Healers
Certified Reiki Practitioners
Graduated Interns
2 year commitment

My Commitment to you

As a professional who values integrity and effectiveness, I will make the following commitment to you. I discourage dependence upon me for advice. Instead, I will help empower you to make your own choices. I will ensure that your confidentiality is protected at all times. I will honor your spirit and only provide energetic exchanges which promote your spiritual/emotional growth and serve your higher source. And I will honor my own health and well-being so I am able to provide effective energetic exchanges in light and with clarity.


If you are not satisfied with something let me know. I will do my best to correct it. That said; I provide the truth as I receive it. If you are not ready to look at the unvarnished truth then you may wish to work with another psychic/medium/healer. ~ Kimberly